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A leader in the web hosting industry, serving businesses and individuals alike since 1997. With our unparalleled service, speed and reliability your online presence will thrive.
is the world's most trusted online backup service for consumers and small businesses.

Online shopping is becoming safer with all the options that exists, and it has become universally accepted. You can set up a web store with anything you can purchase at a store can now be bought online. Cars, computers, clothes, sporting goods, appliances, books, music, antiques, pharmaceuticals, jewelry... The list is endless. With an e-commerce website you can reach a global market. You have a salesperson working for you 24-7-365, never gets tired, never ask for time off, never ask for a raise, and most importantly never works for commissions.

If you have researched this topic on your favorite search engine. You may have found it very daunting at first. Celestialnet has made this process very simple and easy to get your web store up and running. And much more reasonably priced than a lot of our competitors. We don't believe in charging you a monthly service fee for you to have an e-commerce web site as many of our competitors do. And they will end up charging you anywhere from $25-200 monthly, in addition to hosting fees. When you are first starting out those fees could be used for much more important things that will help your online business and build your web presence.

The e-commerce software we will be using for your web store is the very best in the internet industry. We charge a one time fee of $599.99 to have our tech's install the software on your server. That's not all you'll get! We'll spend 5 hours tutoring you (VIA telephone, and or online) on the behind the scenes of the stores admin area. The time we spend will be utilized in getting the paypal info dialed in. And helping you to understand the admin area where you will be able to add text and photo content that build the pages of your webstore.

Please visit our store for more info about the E-Commerce bundle.