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A leader in the web hosting industry, serving businesses and individuals alike since 1997. With our unparalleled service, speed and reliability your online presence will thrive.
is the world's most trusted online backup service for consumers and small businesses.

Richard F. Hill - Owner and Founder of Celestialnet.comHello, My Name is Richard F. Hill. I am the owner and founder of Celestialnet.com. We are headquartered in Kingman, Arizona although the nature of my business permits me to work from the comfort of my home office to serve the United States, and abroad. Celestialnet is a full service internet solutions company which was established on May, 1st 1998. But I have been online longer than that. Back in late 80's and in the early 90's I tinkered around on BBS, as well as other new internet start up companies such as Prodigy and AOL. I was fascinated by the World Wide Web, and I am still fascinated.

By trade I am a 3rd generation Class "A" machinist with computer numerical control - CNC certification and a former owner of a machine shop. In 1996 at the age of 28 I was not able to work as a machinist any longer do to medical issues. I have a form of Muscular Dystrophy. (I do not want pity.....I want work.) in 1996-1997 I spent time teaching myself HTML, the basic structure of web design, and I'll tell you I was green, I didn't know anything. I picked up web design rather easy and fast. After I got the hang of things, I designed sites for friends, and friends of friends and their businesses. I built a modest client base in Southern California, but those friends and clients went out of business or decided they didn't need a website any longer.

Celestialnet specializes in helping small, medium and large businesses. Our expertise in many areas related within the internet industry gives us the opportunity to boost your company to new levels and expand your global presence via the web, with 14+ years experience and an entrepreneurial spirit I will work hard to earn your respect, trust and business. You will not find an individual here for your web business, more qualified and a hard worker. In the end your success is our success!

When you are ready to get your website or business website up and running please consider contacting Celestialnet.

Thank you for your time, and interest.

Richard F. Hill