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Barter B2B or P2P

Celestialnet Barter Program

I will design a website for you or your business. This includes our custom design packages, e-commerce sites, and our template layouts. We have to pay our host, so we can not barter on hosting, as well as any graphic design, tech, scripting and SEO, etc.

What I can offer is strictly web design for what you may have in trade for my services.

Whomever I barter with, we must both agree upon the terms in a written contract before starting any design job, and before any item is exchanged in return for my services.

If the barter is successful we will list items here to trade with others.

Example 1: Received 4 - 1oz 999% gold bars willing to trade for 999% silver bars and or coins of the current market value of the gold.

Item 1. ??? trade for ???
Item 2. ??? trade for ???
Item 3. ??? trade for ???
Item 4. ??? trade for ???
Item 5. ??? trade for ???

If you are interested please feel free to contact me.

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